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Clean Mask

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Product Features

  • KF94 Rated
  • Premium Fabric
  • Easy Breathability
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Quality Design and Adjustable Fit for comfort on all face shapes and sizes
  • Korean Standard Quality
  • Medical Quality and Standard
  • Viral Filtration of >99%
  • $1.50 + GST per mask

So what is a KF94 mask?
The Clean Mask is made in Korea from high-quality materials. KF94 is the Korean standard for medical facial masks. The KF94 standard is comparable to the N95 (USA) and KN95 (china) standards. The KF94 rated Clean Mask offers 4ply layers of protection and provides much higher protection than the 3ply found in a standard surgical mask. Surgical masks provide barrier protection but do not prevent air leakage around the edge of the mask when inhaling and do not effectively filter small particles from the air. The Clean Mask prevents leakage around the mask when inhaling and has been tested to provide >99% viral filter efficiency.


1. Bend the nose fitter on the top of the mask to fit your face. (the side with the earloop attached is the mouthside.)

2. Put it on your face and wear with the earloop.

3. Unfold the folded part up and down and wrap it up to to the chin.

Clean Mask Image 3


1. Do not use with infants or children or those with respiratory problems.

2. Should you notice of itching or inflammation, stop using the product immediately.

3. Avoid using the product as it may deteriorate if there is a problem on the skin.

4. It is not effective for toxic gas and harmful dust.

5. This product is a disposable product and cannot be washed.

6. Keep out of reach of infants or children.

7. Avoid storing in hot and humid places or in direct sunlight.

8. Due to it’s structure, even if worn correctly, a gap may occur.


Name | Pure Max Clean Mask
Target | Cold, Pollen, Dust, etc.
Material | Body, filter part-polypropylene
Quantity | 100 pieces

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